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Expaiin these benchmarks!!! 223

On Sun, 07 Aug 2005 20:43:42 GMT, "Donald McTrevor"

Expaiin these benchmarks!!! 224
Not sure what that means 'tag ram'? Manual says 0-512KB cache. Could I deduce form this statement "Many modern PCs, for example, are configured with a 256K...

Many socket 7 chipsets had a cachable memory limitation due to the tag ram for the l2 cache. You'd have to investigate your chipset and motherboard to determine this possibility.

It's not a bad deal to upgrade the box for a buck if you need it faster, but at the same time putting hopes on such an old box is kind of like buying 5 lottery tickets for a $20 jackpot... even if you win the payout is low.

It would be much easier to just get a more modern system. Newer systems are being thrown away, it's all a matter of looking for them if you want something as cheap as possible.

Configuration question
This is the first time I've tried building a system and I need some advice. First you should know that I'm not at...

Perhaps no harm, but if it'll be replaced anyway then was there any real benefit? Part of my point is that your CPU "might" be the primary bottleneck for the one described use, but even if it were, the memory, video, and (presumably, unless you'd added a drive controller card) the hard drive are all quite slow too. It seems there was a certain point of system performance necessary to be able to do the basic things without any lags, and IMO, you're still a little below that level even after the CPU upgrade.

Yes learning is good, but think of how much better if the details of it were more applicable to more modern systems.

14 times better? Floating point performance will be better but the more simple a benchmark, the more deceiving the reported performance difference because it doesn't factor in the other system bottlenecks, areas which do not improve by only changing the CPU.

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Expaiin these benchmarks!!! 224

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Expaiin these benchmarks!!! 222