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Help Urgent

Stan R

Then it's obvious that you have an email engine program that has compromised your machine that is doing it.

You may be able to find something with the tools in the link.



You use Active Ports to tell you what is doing it as you can look at connections by programs in real time.

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Thanks for the replies! So I understand then that buying components with my $600 is a better way to go. I did look through the Tom's Hardware site, tons of stuff in there on montherboards...

You then use Process Explorer to look at processes or look inside process as the one process-program you think is doing it, may not be the one that's actually doing it. It could be a hidden process-program that is using the one you see or is piggy backing off of the one you see.

You can select any process running in the upper pane of PE and right-click Properties and it will tell you everything that is running with that process.

You can select Menu-View-Show lower pane-Show all DLL(s) which will show you every program that's running with that process that process or using it. You can right-click in the lower pane too.

Maybe, you'll spot something that doesn't look right.

Practice safehex

If it's a NT based O-S like XP, then secure the O-S to attack.

Duane :)

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