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How to remove problem programs 248

Rich Wilson

You often can't figure out which one is what in order to kill it in task manager. Boot to safe mode and delete them from there. Or, boot repair mode and delete from there.

It's not easy at all to clean them but it can be done with enough perseverance. The problem is they keep reinstalling themselves so you need to find the startup entries that are kicking them off and delete those. Then boot into safe mode to delete the files. they'll probably pop back up again so it's a whittle them down process to see where they're coming from and hunt it down.

Once you determine a particular 'type', then search the registry for all entries that have the name and delete them. Then the next one, and on and on.

Also check I.E. as they embed 'helpers' into it that reinfect.

The scanners will get most of them but not all.

How to remove problem programs 249
The C:-sysconf462.exe came back once, so I trashed it again and so far it's stayed gone. The old computer has been running great since I got...

Sometimes all the choices do an install regardless of what they say. Safer is to make sure the top window bar is a real one (matches your theme) and close with the X. But sometimes they create a frameless window and put a fake frame in it so what looks like the X close button ALSO does an install so the safest is to kill it from task manager.

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How to remove problem programs 249

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How to remove problem programs