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MasterSlave designations should be changed

My secret to a fast PC
Behold! This is not a spam. It is the words of wisdom from an individual who is running top speed on their computer and would like...

0054040905416 Now that you mention it, my "Primary" DVD burner has a black faceplate and my "Secondary" DVD burner has a cream colored faceplate. I feel that if I make the move to switch the two one of the two drives may feel disgruntled and choose not to work and perhaps fail. The switch might also draw attention to the fact that the "OLD" floppy drive gets his own power supply and ribbon cable. If I were confronted with why this was true, my only answer could be that "He has been around the longest, and that is the way it has always been." This would lead to even more disgruntled flash drives who say "We are newer and younger and faster. What's up with the old guy?"

Burning DVD movies
Uplink I buttume that since you are talking about 700MB AVI's that they are encoded with DivX. In that case, I personally recommend a program called VSO ConvertXtoDVD...

I have tried to explain to my components that the original idea was to use ones and zeros, but was chastised and accused of trying to suppress the computer's heritage. The printer overheard me and now want's a "gender changer" and will go on strike if I do not provide it. Now the "secondary" drive (01) is complaining of a glbutt ceiling and why can't I hire another "01" drive. The mouseport now want's wireless. I suspect the keyboard will be complaining soon, as well. The processor now wants a fan controller because it now suffers from hot flashes. The fans heard that and are now asking for LEDs because they don't get enough attention.

Humor aside, it is rather a shame that we, as components of humanity, find it easier to complain on what we CANNOT do rather than focus on what we CAN do. That is making the world a better place.

Your analogy is just fine and very politically correct. Somewhere out there some idiot will complain about that rather than strive to mold the future. It's in our hands, let us make the best of it.

Cheers, Bobby

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Burning DVD movies

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