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My secret to a fast PC 487

had pentium.90 under the riiiight windows Also,

Help on USB TV tuner
Hi everybody, I'd like to buy a TV tuner for my portable computer. I was thinking of one...

Yes well, you have a point there, but there is a certain amount of U.S.B. support for DOS. a Panasonic driver is available (Info here it from here

My secret to a fast PC 488
What an awesome story! Your post brings me back to remember my first PC, a 486-66...

That is another downside but no too much of one, as I have been shifting some files backwards and forwards between P-Shop 6.0 and P-Shop 4.0 and so far no probs, but yes it could be a problem if there is lots of big changes made to files.

4.0 you'll need a bunch of 2 gig hard disks

That can be overcome by third party software available from the hard disk manufacturers, Seagate did a good one, Maxstor as well I think, but a not insurmountable problem. The only reason I ended up with 3 or four drives was that I was too lazy to look for the software in among all my junk!

utility for win 3.11

Nah! no wireless is not a problem, then nobody can nick your connection! (I haven't started playing with wireless yet, so it is not a problem for me)

Well as I mentioned in my last post, the driver problem did not turn out to be too much trouble as I found that most of the hardware I had was supported on their sites, and I also had the original drivers disk for the video card, which was also quite lo-tech, that had Win 3.xx drivers on it. I must admit I haven't had a go at the onboard sound card the motherboard has, partly because I don't know what brand it is and I don't generally use sound on my "play" machine.

for Don't get me wrong either, I agree with all your points and as I have spent a couple of days, on and off, playing with this, I can see that it could turn out to be quite a problem if you are using this set-up all day and every day. I have seen some memory probs pop up and I do miss the right click, but all in all it has been a lot of fun! Bye for now.

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My secret to a fast PC 488

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My secret to a fast PC 486