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My secret to a fast PC 488

What an awesome story! Your post brings me back to remember my first PC, a 486-66 with Win 3.11. A middle school teacher gave it to me when she was upgrading and I have had it since '98. It is partially taken apart now and is sitting unused on the floor in my room, but I haven't had the heart to get rid of it. I don't think I ever will!

Yes, gone are the days where a program would fit on a disk. What's a megabyte these days? Sure, FAT16 parbreastions are limited to 2.1GB but it's all relative. All of the other files were smaller and an 8GB fixed disk is probably more than enough. That reminds me of when I got an 8.4GB fixed disk in around 1999. I thought I would never fill it up in my lifetime. A few years later and I was using 35-40GB on a another one...

I have never used Win 1.0 but I did manage to get my hands on a copy of 2.0 and put it on an old 486 laptop I had. Good fun in clbutt when people would stare at it, trying to figure out what it was. Finally I would be like "what?" and they'd be like "dude, what program is that?" I would just look at them and be like "Duh, it's Windows. You've never used Windows before?"

Well my friend gave me an old Compaq Armada 7400 laptop that his brother was going to throw out. Yesterday he brought over the power cord and I was able to get the thing running. I think it is a P2 around 300MHz. It had Windows XP on it and took forever to start up, but I fixed that problem. Now it starts up in no time... to DOS-WFW3.11. He also gave me a 3Com PCMCIA card which I found drivers for on the 3Com website and it is running great.

What I find intriguing is how the older stuff seems to bring me more joy than the newer stuff. I guess it is because to fully optimize the older equipment you put your knowledge to the test. It wasn't just put in the XP disc and wait an hour for it to configure itself... you had to do 90% of the configurations yourself. Getting the computer to work the way you wanted it to and tweaking it to the fullest became quite an accomplishment.

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Now I look forward to starting the next semester in a week. I will be using this Windows 3.11 laptop like it's nothing. And when people say stuff like "What's up with that?" or "Dude, that's so old" I'll just be like "Duuuuude, this is Windows three-point-one-ONE... where have you been?" (-:

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