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Problems installing network card ethernet 10100 NIC PCI 456

On Fri, 05 May 2006 01:29:52 GMT, "Bazzer Smith"

It might help to identify this card, the chipset it uses. Look on the card at the markings on the main (big) chip. If there is a sticker over it, write down what is on that sticker, for preservation purposes, then take off the sticker and read off what is on the chip.

The point of this is that some NICs have you do entirely unnecessary things that have no good use.

Problems installing network card ethernet 10100 NIC PCI 457
Failed miserably!! :O) Well I got a little further, but no success in he end yet. I managed to get it to copy all the files off the disk I made, and it...

A typical PCI nic for Win98 has a driver with about 2 files. Taking Realtek 8139 for example (is on a ton of motherboards, and cheap generic network cards), the driver for Win98 is comprised of (the file names may vary slightly but follow this general theme):

netrtl4.inf rtlnic4.sys

These two files are about 11K and 80K respectively.

So on Realtek's website, there might be (I haven't checked on Win98 "FE" (first edition) recently) two or more version of the file... a small version, maybe a few dozen KB in size and the overbloated version of several hundred KB if not over 1MB.

You only need the smaller file and it is a better option. It might be a zip file, so you'd just unzip to a folder then uninstall any-all other things you had previously for the card. Perhaps in add-remove programs. The next time windows boots (reboot the system), if windows prompts for the driver you browse to the location of the folder you unzipped the files to. If windows automatically finds a driver instead, then go into Device Manager, the properties for this network adapter, and there you change the driver by browsing to that new folder with the very few files in it.

Usually a Win9x (win95, 98, 98SE, or ME) driver will work on 98. If in doubt, choose an older driver, for example since you have 98 and if there were only a Win95 and Win98SE or ME driver available, choose the Win95 driver.

IN an attempt to follow Microsoft's lead and dumb-down everything, doing simple things is becoming ever more complex and subject to human errors (by those creating these driver packages). The method I described above is almost always the best way, to do it even the first time, never trying the driver installer package at all.

Problems installing network card ethernet 10100 NIC PCI 458
On Sun, 07 May 2006 01:00:58 GMT, "Bazzer Smith" Make sure no driver for this nic is listed in Add-remove...

Those are probably just Windows files, not that came with the network card CD. If they're already in the system folder, sometimes you can just point (browse to) that location when it is looking for them. However, what it wants is either the original windows CD or the folder on the hard drive where (you or an OEM, typically) had put the windows installation files, those named *.cab)... so it's really looking for a *.cab file, which it decompressed to searched for files named *.cab, containing text "dhcpcsvc.dll", etc, it would take a while but probably find the cab file that particular "dhcpcsvc.dll" file was in.

If I recall correctly, this happens with any network adapter driver installation so even using the small driver above, you will need the windows CD or to browse to where those files are on your hard drive. I had thought when you browsed to them, it showed something like the cab file name, then a comma, and then the internal file name, in the field at the bottom of the browse-to window.

The Fall of the MS Empire
Dear Bill, You have strong STS among your ranks. We all know this. It takes the average PC user impossible odds...

ALL the files you will need are either on your Windows CD or in the small network adapter file mentioned initially. If your system is an OEM with only a restore disc, not a full windows CD, those files will be in a folder on the hard would be the one that has most of them in it... several dozen MB worth.

Until the driver and files are installed, there's no point in trying the cable connection. After they're installed, Device Manager should show the device working properly, and if you clicked Start button, "Run", (and then type) "Winipcfg" {hit enter key}, it should show the IP configuration utility which lists the network adapters and their configuration, and this new adapter would show up there if properly installed and configured.

This sound like Power Supply or Ram problem Or
Been having some issues with Compaq Deskpro EN PIII 933. 512 MB Ram, XP Home. It's been running fine until a couple of days ago. Originally got...

Well I don't know if it having a Cyrix MII CPU could be a compatibility issue or not, but I'd get a driver from the network adapter chipset manufacturer, just ignoring the included CD altogether. I've never had to use the included CD or floppy to install a network adapter and I never do it, I just throw those away as they are useless, in my option. Not that they can't work but are never any better than the other alternative.

Yes, I probably have the driver you need if the chipset manufacturer doesn't anymore, but first we need to know the markings on the primary (big) chip on it.

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Problems installing network card ethernet 10100 NIC PCI 457

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Problems installing network card ethernet 10100 NIC PCI