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Upgrading Windows 98 to

There aren't as many options as you think for your existing hardware.

If you want to use your same computer hardware you may not be able to upgrade to XP. And if you plan on keeping everything legal you may have a hard time finding an unopened copy of windows 2000, which again you also may not be able to upgrade to.

Forget about linux. It's cool, as far as cool goes for computer nerds, but there is a steep learning curve that you probably won't want to tackle.

OS2? Just as antiquated as Win98. Also, you can't get licenses for this anymore.

Windows ME? Just save yourself some time and start jabbing a fork in your eye right now. But you could probably find a legit copy of this somewhere as id didn't sell very well.

Computers are really really cheap these days. Spend a few hundred bucks and get yourself something useful. Every once and a while Dell sells XP machines for $300 CAD. Kick in a bit for some upgrades and a monitor and you can get a very useful system for $500 USD. You probably paid 2-4 times as much for your Win98 machine...

SweetVenom Bob

Windows XP Pro clean install issues, SP2 issues too
I have been trying to install Win XP Pro on a P3 - 733 machine with an Intel D815EEA motherboard-CPU. I bought a 256 MB RAM stick of AZENRAM from Futureshop (Canada eh!). I used...

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Windows XP Pro clean install issues, SP2 issues too

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