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operating system distribution among windows users 466

tony sayer

If the companies that were using Win 2K pro before went to XP pro, it was not due to XP Pro already being on the machine. They already have a legal version for Win 2K pro and could have easily laid that down on the machine.

No IT department that I am aware of will take a machine out of the box with the O-S and implement it into a work environment. They use preset images of the work environment that the machine is to be used in and lay that image down on the machine with the O-S and whatever else is to be used in the environment. They also install what's needed after to complete the installation so that the person can do his or her job.

Well that's most likely not true if they have any expertise and professionalism about themselves. They most likely are on call and have a remote VPN connection into the MS network using MS at home.

operating system distribution among windows users 467
Amazingly there are still a decent number of people running Windows 98. My parents had it until last month when there 6 year old PC finally croaked. Not many people had Windows ME...

Lets not be going off the deep end here about Linux. I got Linux on my network and I use it. But the reality is that Linux is just another O-S that has many problems too.

You don't know what you're talking about as companies start positioning themselves to use .NET solutions in the work environment.

Strange constant reboot issue with XP Home
Windows is trying to load basic programs and drivers and gets to a bane error. Your computer, like most, is set to reboot when this occurs. This can be a hardware problem...

Duane :)

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operating system distribution among windows users 467

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