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29000 legal jobs to migrate to India by 2008 2987

On Sat, 10 Mar 2006, Kamal R. Prasad

Don't forget the following: ----------------------------------------- The following quote is from Business Week, December 6, 2004 and from the article "Shaking up Trade Theory" by Aaron Bernstein on pages 116 to 120. (The subbreastle of the article is: "For decades economists have insisted that the U.S. wins from globalization. Now they are not so sure")

They quoted Paul Samuelson (MIT) as saying "Comparative advantage cannot be counted on to gains greater than the net losses from trade"


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The constant presence of Dalits will keep your country stereotyped.

As of now, calcutta is one of the fastest growing IT

NOT OUTSOURCEDStart the Revolution
words out ... let us all begin!!!!!!!!!!!! ----------- PLEASE EVERYBODY .... START THE UPRISING NOW. WE CANNOT TAKE FOR ANOTHER NANO-SECOND...

Are your poor areas disappearing?

There ts a satelite township called Salt lake where a

29000 legal jobs to migrate to India by 2008 2988
Straydog snip like I said before -vote with your pocketbooks if you believe that outsourcing is bad. the problem comes when you like the cheap products that globalization results it -but dislike the bad things...

I can imagine only a relatively small fraction of your population seeing much improvement in life.

I'll give you Credit Debt for admitting the possibility.

They also added compebreastors for jobs, too.

Not for a long time. All those upgrades keep the software and hardware factories in business. If China just made 2 billion computers and there were no upgrades, then everyone would have a computer that would last 1-2 decades or more and then and only then would the garbage dump rate slow down a little. Then the 2 billion computers would start wearing out, at say 100 million per year, and then the dump rate would go up again.

I'm using a 10 year old computer right now and it still runs fine. I don't need upgrades.

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29000 legal jobs to migrate to India by 2008 2988

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29000 legal jobs to migrate to India by 2008 2986