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Artificial Intelligence and Globalization 2979

Artificial Intelligence and Globalization 2980
I don't think the analogy to chess is apt. Chess is a very closed world with very precise rules. I remember being at the first ACM meeting where chess was being played between computers (1964...

?? By whom? Only those who do not know of go, a far deeper and more challenging game than chess.

In go, which requires a much more intelligent and human way of thinking than chess, computers still have not progressed to the point of being able to give typical club players an interesting game.

It is no exaggeration to say that the number of possible go games is to the number of possible chess games as the number of possible chess games is to 1. Perhaps more tellingly, the number of possible go games between reasonably "intelligent" players (i.e., where neither makes a move so stupid that no experienced human player would make it) is around 10^300. The correponding number for chess is around 10^30. To clarify, that is not 10 times as many possible "good" games. It is 10^270 times as many.

In go, no one familiar with the field doubts that computers are still far inferior even to typicalclubplayers.

Any experienced go player can recognize a computer's distinctively inhuman moves, without even needing to look at a whole game record. A few dozen moves is almost always enough.

Well, given what economics has become, that's not too surprising.

No. Some of them merely think they do. They need to learn go, and get some perspective.

-- Roy L

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Artificial Intelligence and Globalization 2980

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