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Bell goes off on India fever

India's software outsourcing growth beats expectations
By S. Srinivasan buttociated Press BANGALORE, India -- India's export revenues from software outsourcing have exceeded targets...


Speaking of India fever reminds me of this beautiful, naive 18-yo Indian girl I dated for a few weeks. She'd never dated before, so on the first date, I convinced her that 'date' meant 'sucking chicken'. It took a couple of hours, but by the end of our first date she'd swallowed a full load.

Here's how stupid she was: The hardest part about convincing her to swallow was her fear of getting pregnant! I had to promise to marry her if she got pregnant!

I guess it was the pleasure I got from conning this naive beauty, but I'd always come at least twice in rapid succession. I don't know how she did it, but even the third suck of a night was as hot as the first.

We 'dated' every day for about 3 weeks before she figured it out.

If her equally gorgeous sister had been just a little older, I'm sure I could have convinced them that dating the older sister meant that the younger one had to do me too. That would have been fun.

Our last session was over at her house, while her parents were away. She'd invited me over, and I could tell she wanted me to f*** her too. I'm not a complete monster, though. I was just using her as a suck-girl, but f***ing her would have been taking it too far.

Sales of Gold Jewellery in India Soars
Sales of Gold Jewellery in India Soars by Randy Chen Both gold jewellery and retail investment are reported to have increased 49 and 32...

So I've got India fever all right. But not like you think.

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India's software outsourcing growth beats expectations

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Bell goes off on India fever