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Better to trade with India than ignore the inevitable 2949

insure improved training and education for our workers. This will give them better skills enabling them to hold more productive jobs at The devil is in the details. When I went to Rochester Insbreastute of Technology, 60+ former rust belt factory line workers signed up for "Electro-mechanical Technology", hoping to learn to repair robots and automated equipment. A year later, 8 of us finished the program.

New book: Offshoring IT Services
About the Book "Offshoring IT Services: A framework for managing outsourced projects" Offshore IT sourcing offers many advantages, but executing offshoring is...

The other 56 or so could not hack the math. And of the 8, only 3 of us were actually capable of debugging a complicated system. The academics of course, who get paid to produce these 'worker retraining' programs, dont talk about the failure or dropout rates. Their own careers are on the line.

New book: Offshoring IT Services
There was a discussion in CBC radio where one of the anti ethanol told that the entire landmbutt of USA has to be cultivated...

The whole business model is wrong for America. Jared Diamond, "Collapse" writes of the Bitterroot valley of Montana, which he says has the rich moving in, buying land, and building condos & villas. The amount of money the rich bring in is far more than the area ever earned from its old line mining and cattle operations.

I see the same thing going on in my neck of Ozark woods, with mini-castles going up all over the place with land being cleared so the rich can play cowboy at their 'ranches'. Just like GW Bush. The kind of poorly educated workers you are concerned about will make more money mowing lawns and being nannies, and they wont have education Debt Loans to pay off for jobs they cant fill and wont ever be offered to them.

All over the world, everyone knows that America is the home of the... rich. So- while the rest of the world lives like church mice, we will be like the rats in the cellar of a temple brothel. Much better fed off the crumbs of orgies.

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New book: Offshoring IT Services

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Better to trade with India than ignore the inevitable 2948