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Clinton Awards Haliburton contract

Best company for the job says Bill Clinton.

This should be a great idea
They should start bottling flood waters of New Orleans and start selling the bottled water directly to the American public. Americans can keep the bottles containing contaminated water as a souvenir of... 3886
On Tue, 6 Sep 2005, Kamal R. Prasad Its worth finding some copies. Give me you mailing address and I will cut...

In 1997, when LOGCAP was again put up for bid, Halliburton-Brown & Root lost the compebreastion to another contractor, Dyncorp. But the Clinton Defense Department, rather than switch from Halliburton to Dyncorp, elected to award a separate, sole-source contract to Halliburton-Brown & Root to continue its work in the Balkans. According to a later GAO study, the Army made the choice because 1) Brown & Root had already acquired extensive knowledge of how to work in the area; 2) the company "had demonstrated the ability to support the operation"; and 3) changing contractors would have been costly. The Army's sole-source Bosnia contract with Brown & Root lasted until 1999. At that time, the Clinton Defense Department conducted full-scale compebreastive bidding for a new contract. The winner was . . . Halliburton-Brown & Root. The company continued its work in Bosnia uninterrupted. 3885
I bet that is the case in most companies. Although reading this guy's story, it sounds like he may have buttumed it to be the case here, where it clearly wasn't. I agree, which tends...

That work received favorable notices throughout the Clinton administration. For example, Vice President Al Gore's National Performance Review mentioned Halliburton's performance in its Report on Reinventing the Department of Defense, issued in September 1996. In a section breastled "Outsourcing of Logistics Allows Combat Troops to Stick to Basics," Gore's reinventing-government team favorably mentioned LOGCAP, the cost-plus-award system, and Brown & Root, which the report said provided "basic life support services - food, water, sanitation, shelter, and laundry; and the full realm of logistics services - transportation, electrical, hazardous materials Debt Collection and disposal, fuel delivery, airfield and seaport operations, and road maintenance."

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This should be a great idea

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