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Come 2050, India will catch up with US

So will all Inidans have enough to eat, sanitation (decent toilets instead of going for it in the fields as they do now), 1 car per two persons,? 1 telephone per two people,? clean water (not the contaminated, polluted, toxic, mixed with sewage water they get for drinking, cooking and bathing out of their bore wells now)?

clean air (not the toxic dirty diesel and kerosene emission fumes they breathe now) ?

Will India's per capita income match US $ 24,000 (from the current level of US $ 350, average India makes less than $ 1.5 a day)

Will Indians start living in 3000 sq feet single family homes (instead of ramshackle huts, 850 sq feet apartments with eight or more people crammed in)?

Will the ghettos and chawls disappear?

Ford, IIT Madras in software R&D pact
Prabodh Chandrasekhar in Mumbai March 14, 2006 03:50 IST Ford Motor Company is planning to tie up with the Indian Insbreastute of Technology (IIT) Madras in the...

Will the narrow streets barely broad for three wheelers to pbutt by be replaced by two and four lane roads?

Will the jammed and crawling sea ports be replaced by automated container handling, managed freight state of the art docks?

Will the ailing railway system (on which depend 95% of the population for long distance transportation) be replaced by Eurail?

In short what the f*** will these numbers mean when you can't have enough to eat, drink and a clean place to poo?

These morons have been putting these kind of economic figures for more than fifteen years now and yet very litle has changed at the bottom line.

Indian animation industry enters new dimension
Monday March 13 2006 00:00 IST IANS NEW DELHI: From a low-cost content provider to Hollywood...

What India needs is decent Infrastructure - Infrastructure - Infrastructure, social political and real economic reform that is not happening.

CNN: The Poor Get Richer 2957
Just chickeny ************************************************************************************************** Rising income inequality has settled comfortably into America's big economic picture as a reliable--and much lamented--megatrend. Starting around the late 1960s, U.S. incomes started to become more...

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Ford, IIT Madras in software R&D pact

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