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Employment on a buoyant note in Pune: survey

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Employment on a buoyant note in Pune: survey ABHAY VAIDYA

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PUNE: With the city figuring prominently in a survey of the latest recruitment scenario in major metros across India, employment trends in Pune are on a high. In spite of not being a state capital - or one of the nation's major metros - Pune has shown high recruitment trends and confidence, aligning itself along the four metros and three other growth centres, namely Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

A nationwide survey of 2,046 employers (with 22.14 lakh employees) across 17 sectors by Ma Foi Debt Management Consultants has placed Pune higher than Kolkata in terms of pace of recruitment activity and employment confidence.

The Ma Foi Employment Survey on employment forecast for January-March 2005 revealed that Delhi topped the survey with the highest "national hiring confidence" of 94.19 %. Pune figured seventh in the list of eight metros, with a NHC of 82.86%, just below Mumbai's 84.50%.

Independent placement services in Pune, such as ABC Consultants and Fortune Consulting Group, told TNN that recruitment "is on the rise across sectors in Pune", with information technology (IT), information technologyenabled services (IT-es), banking, insurance and telecom showing healthy trends.

"The employment growth in Pune is primarily happening in the IT-es and IT segments, followed by telecom and manufacturing," Kunal Banerji, Ma Foi's centre head in Pune told TNN. "We are expecting at least 30,000 new jobs in the IT-es segment in Pune in the next three years, as against the current strength of about 12,000," he stated.

According to Banerji, the dominant student population in Pune, saturation in Bangalore, preference of Pune over Hyderabad and the growing presence of non-voice based backend BPOs (business process outsourcing units) has been driving this trend.

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Incidentally, while Infosys has already expressed confidence in ramping up staff strength in Pune from the current 5,000 to 25,000 in an "unspecified" time-frame, Patni Computer Systems and the Bangalore-based agro-pharma firm Hikal were among the most recent to announce investments of Rs 120 crore in Pune.

According to the Ma Foi survey - which tracked employment trends in 17 sectors, including automobiles and auto ancillaries, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, IT, IT-es and education - employment trends were the highest in the IT and IT-es sectors, followed by education and infrastructure.

As for the actual pace of recruitment activity, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore figured among the top three, followed by Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Kolkata.

The Ma Foi Employment Index, which monitors trends in recruitment activity, was highest for Chennai at 10.29, with Pune figuring at 3.75, above Kolkata's 1.40.

The northern region showed the highest employment trends and 'hiring confidence', followed by western metros like Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad.

In terms of gender balance, while women consbreastuted about 17% of the workforce, a sector-wise split showed that the presence of women was greater in the healthcare, ITes, education, IT and textiles and garments sectors.

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