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On Wed, 28 Sep 2005, Kamal R. Prasad'll get away with anything you can get away with, eh...

Straydog Its the yadstick adopted the powers-that-be at this time of writing.

must be something to do with giving parental advice.

or it could mean that an american in the workplace would have taken twice as much time, or that contractors are seldom entrusted with critical work becauser the co. may not be able to retain them. S the workload (as opposed to time given for a task) happens to be minimal.

Goofing off on company time is hardly a cardinal sin. The cardinal sin would be to convince the manager that he is an idiot you hate working for-wiith.

looks like the peters prince applies fully to my american colleagues.

not surprising. btw -I did come across a few competent managers higher up the value chain in industry. if you work in the core engg division or R&D division -the manager is likely to be good at both engg & management. If your current boss is incompetent -it means that either you are severely overqualified and haven't been able to move up the value chain. It could also mean that H1bs are usually buttigned to do work lower down the va;lue chain.

if I had to give an example -there are many poor people in the world to whom the work is being transferred and are experiencing better living stds thanks to freemarket and globalization. They are poor and yet getting the jobs despite being underliongs because they provide better value for money.

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On Wed, 28 Sep 2005, Kamal R. Prasad That yardstick is misleading and also designed to benefit the BMOs and for the reason I gave above your sentence. No, it is...

regards -kamal

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