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Globalization still has problems

Straydog it may fail to provide better jobs for everybody -but it will succeed in improving profitability of companies.

yeah -this is just the start of international trade involving a lot of services.

yeah -every country has vested interests and the hope of the architects is that they will cancel out each other.

more often than not, it is a case of countries not having the appebreaste for globalization and the US dragging their feet into it. If countries are reluctant to turn their furniture upside down -then somebody will have to give them some initiative in doing so.

so? there are many other countries on earth besides Japan.

yeah -chinese labour is compebreastively priced and so regardless of where a company funded by private equity is registered -it is bound to go around sniffing for chinese manpower.

IBM Eyes 50,000Plus Indian Employees
And they're doing high-level work. Look at last week's decision to consolidate SOA work in Bangalore By Paul McDougall InformationWeek Mar 13, 2006 12:03 AM Meet the new face of...

essentially because their services are not compebreastively priced. Do voters have a veto against investors seaking compebreastively priced manpower around the world? oh btw -consumer spending indicates most consumers in developed countries do not want to pay extra for stuff made outside 3rd world countries. So you know who to blame for encouraging offshore outsourcing.

which is what I told you when you suggested legislating away the functioning of private capital.

yeah -the reason why the Yuan is pegged (not legislated but constrained to move in a narrow trading band) is to curb speculation. What you need is a multi-lateral agreement that brings parity. That is when workers will not be faced with replacements that cost 20% or 5% of their labour-you can be sure he won't replace you no matter how many horns he has sticking out of his head).


they are looking for you to take over their jobs and show how you can be better at forecasting the future, as opposed to talking baloney.

yeah -esp those who want citizenship-race to give them a free ride.

regards -kamal

India will overtake China in 7 years 2963
India will continue to be marred by political instability in the future , It's population does...

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IBM Eyes 50,000Plus Indian Employees

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