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Hillary in India: 'Outsourcing Will Continue

Translation: "I don't care that the middle-clbutt is suffering while multi-millionaires become billionaires. I will say some stupid meaningless rhetoric about 'building fences' because it sounds good and may shut up a few dumb suckers."

We understand perfectly well how Hillary and other elites benefit from outsourcing.

Oh man! She is such a rocket scientist. Of course she fails to mention that we have not been able to balance our trade deficit for god knows how long

HSBC to outsource 2,000 jobs to India this year
HSBC to outsource 2,000 jobs to India this year UK Bureau London, February 28 Britain's richest bank HSBC plans to move 7,000 jobs to India. It is believed 2,000 jobs will be...

Is there any doubt in your minds that this phoney unpleasant woman has no sympathy for the struggling working-clbutt in this country? I've never understood what the Democrats see in her. If she gets the nomination in 2008, the Democrats can expect another defeat. It's obvious that the Democrats are no longer the pro-labor party as I knew them when I was younger. I've come to hate the Republicans for turning this country over to big business, but I hate the Democrats even more for being hypocrites.

I hope that over the next 3 1-2 years the country goes into a severe recession with unemployment reaching double-diggit levels. As sinisiter as that may sound, it's the only way people in this country are going to wake up and elect a leader who will lead everyone. My hope is that Vermont Congressman Bernie Sanders will get more and more recognized.

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HSBC to outsource 2,000 jobs to India this year

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Hillary in India: 'Outsourcing Will Continue