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India: 190 end in person explosions USA Today

Just picked up my printed copy at the corner box 2 hours ago.

Might be on the website (and others):

Weds, July 12, front page:

breastle "190 dead in India blasts" subbreastle "Series of explosions rips through packed Mumbai western edge of India commuter trains; prime minister blames persons"

India creating more jobs for Americans" 1855
Nospam So basically you want America to become a socialist state, huh? Socialized Medicine has never worked anywhere. You end up with an inferior health...

Big picture of train car with outer wall blown off about 10 feet high 20 feet long, lots of people around. Story continues on page 5a.

Mexico targets US developer jobs
Michael Kanellos, 18 May 2006 CNET A Mexican trade group argues the country is ideal for 'nearshore' outsourcing and it is so close that US workers...

page 5a says, among other things: Eight explosions on numerous trains, all around 6:30 pm, Tuesday. There was no claim of responsibility.

Says: this follows plantings in India in March (end 15 in Varanesi) and 66 in last Oct in New Delhi.

Also, another picture of another train with a similar sized torn out piece of the outer wall in a pbuttenger car.

The article also reviews explosions in London and Madrid 1-2 years ago. ------- So, what do I say?

1. I don't approve of any of this terrorism.


2. Is this going to hurt or help the case for all the guys (whether they are Indian or non-Indian) who think offshoring to India is a good thing?

3. We had a group of guys recently rounded up here who were talking about a plant attack but the papers also said they had hardly gotten around to doing anything more than talk and they had little or no resources.

4. All you guys better pay attention to this because all we need is another real attack in the USA (eg. 9-11) and Bush II is going to go balistic.

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India creating more jobs for Americans" 1855

Alt Computer Consultants from Newsgroups/p>

India not ready for space travel and missles... 1853