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India following facist model according to Indian author 1738

How Arundhat Roy views the US and war wasIndia following facist model according to Indian
And how Straydog is so balanced in his views. Excerpt: When he announced the air strikes, President George Bush said: "We're a peaceful nation." America’s favourite ambbuttador, Tony Blair, (who also holds the...


implementation as is traditionally defined -isn't the same. There are no whips or nets involved. The employer doesn't beat up slaves -but it does form a captive labour market from an economic perspective. They just remind the slaves of their status as captive labour by way of legal clauses enacted by the US govt and something that is to be taken care of by the INS-law enforcement. For H1Bs -the reminder comes subtly coz they are well educated and can return home in the worst case. For illegals from mexico, the reminder comes bluntly. Even illegals aren't enslaved by your definition. But ask any and all of them, not a single one of them will deny that they live in the shadows under threat of deportation should the employer inform law enforcement about their not doing a good job. The law enforcement which will take them to task is the same one that is finding it difficult to locate them as long as their employers are happy with their work. Im talking of 12 million people as evidence of my claim and its not something that can be refuted so easily..

How Mohd Kaffir is so balanced....How Arundhat Roy views the US and war wasIndia
I partly answered your first post in another post of mine. On Tue, 22 Aug 2006, Mohd Kaffir Oh, but let me tell you that there is a whole range...

Not exactly. The golden handcuff is an incentive to stick with an employer. But a conflict with the visa sponser jeopardizes one's legal status to seek alternative employment or be physically present in the US. I have broken golden handcuffs and taken up alternative employment and it kind of compensated me for the loss incurred. It didn't endanger my legal status and or my right to seek alternative employment which I consider suitable. In India, one doesn't have to earn the right to change employers or be physically present by working from an employer. The right comes by default -not just to citizens but even to foreigners on a work permit. In contrast, the US govt has created a legislation so that workers earn their bearings aka liberation by contributing to an employer. Even the green card process requires employer to certify that green card applicant has contributed to the business and consequently to the economy before he can be rewarded with a green card. Further, H1B visa sponsor can veto transfer or recommend to the INS to deport a person coz he didn't leave on good terms. The INS has powers to deport any H1B applicant on 24 hrs notice without reason and termination of employment (if informed to the INS) does require H1b visa holder to leave within 24 hrs of being terminated -failing which the visa holder would be in violation of the law and subject to punishment-forcible removal. All of this is legal jargon which can be verified and which I am not exagerrating. The thing that is not mentioned is that the matter will become relevant only if the employer has business reasons to do so.

India following facist model according to Indian author 1744
On Tue, 22 Aug 2006, Kamal R. Prasad One can Wrong. The H1B holder can find a different employer and at the minimum go into "pending" status which is not...

One isn't a slave by that definition. The thing that defines slavery is taking away civic rights. If I don't like an employer in India -I can dump him and his options and take up another job. Im 100% free to do so. In the US -that freedom is not present. If it looks like it is present -that is because of how well the legislation is worded.

H1Bs do have the option to choose whether to work on an H1B or not -but once they come over to the US, take a car loan, buy furniture etc.. that ability is lost either partially or completely. To give my own example. I dumped a toyota camry le when leaving the US. The only person I know of having a camry is my last company's CEO didn't check current workplace for car ownership and he is so freaking rich -he can retire any moment. So, if a person comes in and 6 mtsh later decides he wants out -he won't be able to get out easily if you understand the diff in salaries between the 2 countries and the amt the H1B will have to write off or pay back. Im trying to tell them before they land -as to what to expect from the US govt, coz telling them after they land is not much different from telling that after their having fallen into a ditch.

India following facist model according to Indian author 1739
alexy Firstly, you are talking of political refugees and Im talking of work permit holders in India. Secondly, the US govt's statements need not represent the truth. To convince me of the statute...

regards -kamal

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India following facist model according to Indian author 1739

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India following facist model according to Indian author 1737