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India following facist model according to Indian author 1747

Straydog they can cancel the visa and get the INS to deport the H1B. Its the law stupid.

No -employers ask for H1Bs because they are cheaper to hire. It doesn't mean employers want them to be free and be paid heavily. To the contrary, it means they like them because of the restricted rights under which they work.

H1B sponsor can only be a green card holder or US citizen. I know of some H1B colleagues of mine who wanted to do unto others, what others did to them i.e. open a bodyshop and cater to american companies.

If labour is not 100% free -then by definition, it is captive. How can it be untrue?

yeah -student visa holders have something like 1 yr after completing their graduation to work in the US as apprentice or something like that.

they can't. Your politicians can do anything one likes -but it costs money to get them to do something.

as long as the jobs are there -they will keep streaming in.

India following facist model according to Indian author 1748
On Tue, 22 Aug 2006, Kamal R. Prasad Not true. Sorry, the H1B can go apply to anyone who advertises...
India following facist model according to Indian author 1750
Because there are laws that restrict my freedom to do that, just as there are laws that restrict a work...

why don't they just stop employing illegals or why doesn't the govt force employers to stop employing illegals? Its really simple for law enforcement to act on large companies. The only reason I can think of is that both employers and their customers do want the benefits of cheaper services that these illegals provide.

so -it is not difficult to enforce the law, if they really want to do that.

- because you are unwilling to disown the benefits of slavery.

you said she applied for a green card or that one can file for a green card directly.

you cannot sponsor any individual other than those working for you -for a green catd.. Exceptions would be relatives, spouses, parents etc. I am quoting your own country's law here -not twisting anything.

there are certainly native individuals in the food chain so low down, that even enslaved labour has a better economic status than natives. It doesn't mean they aren't enslaved -just that slavery can happen at various pts in the food chain, many a times involving educated people.

India following facist model according to Indian author 1749
alexy why not? The thing that distinguishes terms of employment like 'you will not work at another company' or 'you will not work for our compebreastors within X yrs of leaving us...

and what would that be?

text of legislation is text. Either I have not quoted properly or have quoted properly. There can't be something in between. The statements about:-

-employer can cancel visa and ask INS to deport H1B visa holder -employer needs to certify that beneficiary of green card application has satisfactorily contributed to the business and consequently to national interest

India following facist model according to Indian author 1751
alexy Im asking what those laws areIf the laws are that you require a certification before dealing with hazardous equipment -that isn't a case of taking away civic rights. We have such...

is very much straight out of the legislation enacted by the US govt.

Their civic rights are curtailed as it happens for any other slaves. All of those 12 million hispanics live under the threat of the gun i.e of law enforcement, just as slave labour in plantations used to. On paper, they aren't supposed to be working in the US -but in reality they will not be deported or more importantly prevented from working, unless they aren't doing a good job and the business owner asks law enforcement aka the govt for help. Every visa type issued by the US govt comes with constraints aka restricted rights -to the extent the situation permits, in order to create captive labour.

free will is not entirely free. There are many constraints which the US govt exploits to land them in their situation. Think of your govt as a profit making corporation that provides services to businesses. One such service is creation of a captive labour pool, some others would be invading oil rich countries.

if they can leave -then the procedure for creating captive labour has gone dysfunctional and the purpose for which businesses pay your govt money would be lost.

yeah -inflated currency is one of the means of retaining slave labour. The other would be to destroy self-sustained rural communities in their home country, or buttasinating popular politicians there so that they can all gatecrash into the US for livelihood.

well -you can look at facts mentioned by me and decide for yourself. If you say you like slavery and want it to continue for another 300 yrs -there is nothing I can do about it. Im just trying to create awareness amongst people who don't want such a thing to continue.

yeah -they do love captive labour, which is why they pay politicians money to bring in more captive labour and keep it captive.

depends on the options on hand. A war-torn country doesn't provide any options. A country with politicial stability, and reasonable amt of domestic industry does provide some options. I have an option to find employment that isn't as good as the ones in the US -but good enough to meet my economic requirements. And so, I have opted out of H1B and really don't want to be in the US.

Slavery is practised by the employer, not by the customer. At one pt, the US had lots of irish immigrants who were disliked by the citizenry. Then, Bill Clinton brokered peace in N Ireland and domestic oppurtunities increased, which gave them an option to go back and lots of them did go back. So, if there are individuals who are furious about the influx of foreigners -the best thing to do is to take away their jobs in the US and stop meddling in their local economies or even better help them create a better country of their homeland -so that they won't gatecrash-inconvenience americans.

There is no such thing as native or immigrant. All humans were born to the same set of biological parents 60000 yrs back in africa and moved out of it. Every country's native population is a result of human migration and there is no divine decree that gives them rights over the land on which they settled.

and all those procedures are there to extract something from the newcomer by denying them their civic rights.

No -the real parasites are those who want others to work for them, Employers like foreigners in the US coz they deliver better return on investment. They hold their nose when hiring many a native coz they know he wouldn't deliver good returns -but have got to hire some so as not to create public backlash.

are they? how about you categorize them as persons too and tell the way Bill Frist(?) did that we cannot give them citizenship coz they could be a threat to national security. So, lets ensure they remain on restricted rights till we feel confident of giving them citizenship. Come to think of it, how many of those 12 million can afford to be in the US without income to support their existence?

The job isn't yours to be stolen. It belongs to the investor who puts money to create a job. If the job does belong to any american, then by extension the capital that creates the job is also his -in which case, he won't be in the working clbutt, but will be in the investor clbutt and can stop slogging it out for his living.

They cannot run the country, coz one needs to stand for election to do that -and by law foreigners cannot stand for election coz they may be at odds with national interest. But that doesn't mean they cannot work in India. Blore and maybe soon some other export zones has a hufe influx of whites who have followed their job to India. They can live as long as they like, and there is no requirement that employers offer jobs to natives before they hire any of these newcomers. The govt is more than glad to collect taxes from such higher income people -and no matter how poor people are, they do not have anything against these newcomers. If the govt does want to confer citizenship on them, it will do so absolutely free of cost -and the question of working for one's freedom doesn't arise. They have full rights on landing legally - other than voting rights or the right to hold an Indian pbuttport. For political refugees, there is a grey area -but we do have lots of them in our country, mostly those who have nothing to offer in return for asylum.

because natives have freedom and H1Bs don't. They cannot opt out of the H1B scam after buying immovable property.

yeah -and to fix their and not your problem, I am stating how things work in the US.

glad you agree on this.

regards -kamal

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India following facist model according to Indian author 1748

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