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India following facist model according to Indian author 1750

Because there are laws that restrict my freedom to do that, just as there are laws that restrict a work permit holder from saying in country when the work for which he was admitted no longer is being performed.

India following facist model according to Indian author 1751
alexy Im asking what those laws areIf the laws are that you require a certification before dealing with...

Nope. It is not at all uncommon that an employee is required to comport himself or herself outside the work place in a manner that will reflect well on the employer. And in another example of what I guess you would call slavery in the US, it is very common for a police or fire department to require that its employees be residents of the jurisdiction they serve. So, horror of horror, the current employer can can the employee, and they will have to move to another jurisdictions to continue their work.

I don't know if that is the case, but if those are the terms under which you accepted the position here, you probably can't change your mind about accepting those terms at a later date.

This "gaining liberation" is a strange perspective. If I were to accept a restricted visa to enter another country and I became, even if through no fault of my own, no longer able to meet the restrictions of that visa, I would have no expectation that the admitting country would change the terms of my admission to suit me, and I'd expect to have to leave that country.

India following facist model according to Indian author 1753
On Fri, 25 Aug 2006, harmony There is more to the story than that.... I can think of books (and articles in newspapers...

If I go to Germany on a work permit related to a specific project, I don't expect "civic rights" if that means the right to stay in Germany under terms other than those on which I was admitted. And if that project is completed or no longer needs my services, I don't expect the "civic right" to work in Germany outside the project for which I was granted entrance.

Then you would do well not to move somewhere under the condition that you work for a particular employer.

Has nothing to do with the source of wealth. Just honoring the terms of the agreement into which you entered.

That's a cop-out. Making a decision like moving to another country based on inadequate information is a bad decision in and of itself.

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India following facist model according to Indian author 1751

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India following facist model according to Indian author 1749