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India following facist model according to Indian author 1755

On Wed, 22 Aug 2006, Kamal R. Prasad

Kamal, you're talking about governments. Lots of governments, not just the USA. And your self-serving thoughts (you want all rights for you, but you don't want rights in the USA for people born in the USA) still can't face the reality that in most countries in the world, you would not get--as a foriegner-- the benefits or possibilities that the USA offers.

If the employer likes a person's services,

The fact of the matter is that a large or major fraction of employers don't even care about whether they "like a person's services" they just want him cheap.

Indian Education: Actually Terrible
Financial Times, Thurs, July 20, 2006, page 9 breastle "Singh sounds the alarm over educational failings...

If you genuinely feel that wealth

I don't know about the use of the term "originates" but the US and Japan and Europe are all very comparably wealthy countries and that is a fact that you constantly deny. I have also explained to you, many times in the last months, how fractional reserve banking and even stock share printing magnifies wealth. And, even if you are willing (but you are not) to look in the mirror, your own country as well as China, is now "growing" its own wealth based on the same economics (fractional reserve banking, stock markets, and even its own debts) that have been essential in, first, Europe over the last 500 years, and the US (over the last maybe 100 years), and in Japan from whenever their economy became liberalized (probably mainly after WWII).

or that if it weren't for the american public, the

You have such an amazing way to take a complex situation and fit it into an ignorantly small and dogmatic misunderstanding.

Without a job to

If they are broke, they can't buy the ticket. Same with our homeless population except that they came from this country so they can't go back because they don't have a "home" country.

Yeah, your idea is that no employee in the US who was born in the USA has any right to a job. You have said hundreds of times in the last year that the job is owned by "private equity" which is also a bad way to explain jobs.

You have full rights already in your own

And, I've told you about a ton of laws that we have and for the most part, most employers actually follow those laws, but you stick your head in the sand about that, to.

When you talk of jobs belonging to the country,

See above. And, the fact that foreigners are not always good for our society. People come here, the USA, because it will bring them from the lowest situations and then we have people who are poor, uneducated, and put extra demands on our services (health, school, police, etc). There is now much debate on this. And, I'm sorry, but the USA can't afford to solve all the problems of people born someplace else who just come up on the beach, jump the fences and expect a better life than where they came from.

Hah! You are just anti-US, period. And, you have shown zero info about other countries. To you, China almost doesnt exist either.

You have been whining about our "fountain of wealth" as if it did not exist, and that if it does exist, then is all is because we have this infinite amount of slavery in the USA and you've twisted around a miniscule problem in the USA and totally ignored the fact that real slavery exists, today, on a widespread scale, in India, in the rug factories.

Im trying to educate people on how

Indian Workforce Skill Levels: Low and Limited
Financial Times, Thurs, July 20, page 9. breastle: "Up to the job? How India and China risk being stifled by a skills squeeze...

And doing a poor job.

Then stay there and be happy.

The info I am providing is for others who might aspire to

Fine, please do that over in the immigration newsgroups and soc.culture.india.

U.S. Exports up 10% in first 5 months
Front Page, WSJ, July 19, 2006, lower right corner. "Global Growth, Weak Dollar Unleash a Wave of U.S. Exports" by Mark Whitehouse All kinds of good news, expansion, trade deficit down...

To some extent, it is also for those who have false

Then, you need to talk about Dalits and high caste Hindus, too.

And, while you are at it, you can revise your "dream" that you have, as a foreigner in the USA, just the same rights just like a born in the USA citizen. I don't think there is a country on earth that gives any foreigner citizenship on demand unless it is some situation where you pay the govt $50,000 and I hear there are some small countries that have nothing but will do that.


India following facist model according to Indian author 1756
On Thu, 9 Aug 2006, Kamal R. Prasad Sometime, if ever, decades and decades from now. There is...

You suffer many notions.

and as such Im confident


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India following facist model according to Indian author 1756

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