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India not ready for space travel and missles... 1852

On Wed, 12 Jul 2006, Kamal R. Prasad

India not ready for space travel and missles... 1853
Straydog I've always wondered why people use the Japan Inc model to explain the rest of the world? Japan went from a feudal society to a modern...

^^^^^^^^^^ Yeah, nice target. Wishful thinking?

Ok, since they already are spending money on space instead of poverty, then why is that happening?

Nah, I think China, Russia, and the USA are technically ahead and more experienced.

There is demand for such services and so they are

OK, let us all know when you start making $billions on launches instead of failures.

It will also reduce unemployment if they

Do you think any of that Debt Reduction of unemployment will get down to the Dalits (the "untouchables") in your highly discriminatory society?

OK lets review what The Economist said about India: The Economist report on India (June 3, 2006, center section enbreastled "Now for the hard part-A survey of business in India" and paged 1-18 (3 of the pages were advertising). I read most of these pages.

enbreastled "Virtual champions, India's IT stars are still rising fast" (no one doubts this) page 4, and the last section enbreastled "Eponymous heros: Are Indian companies ready to take on the world?" (with "Oil and Natural Gas Corporation" largest capitalization at Rs 1.8 bil, and Reliance at Rs 1.1 bn, and Tata, Infosys, & Wipro all together at about Rs 2.4 bn divide by 44 to get US$ amount), page 17, all being about 10-20 times larger than a ranking in 1992 showing different companies.

page 4: India's economy (2005) at a glance: GDP growth 7.7%, GDP $801 bn, GDP per head $728, Inflation 4.2%, exports $89.3 bn, imports $128.4 bn, foreign reserves $153.6 bn (april 2006), Rs-$ 44.1, population 1.1 bn.

other sections:

On outsourcing-page 8: BPO staff attrition is running 50% or more, and for IT as a whole is 30%. Quality of Indian graduates (from NASCOM) "one fifth world clbutt, one fifth pbuttable, and three fifths lamentable". "Also he NASCOM's Mr. Karnik thinks that Indian education is bad at teaching two skills of particular importance for both IT and BPO: teamwork, which in colleges tends to be seen as cheating, and communication." "Mr. Bhasin says the college curriculum bears no relation to real work, and new graduates lack even teh discipline to turn up at work on time."

On the educational system, p. 10: "Second, the 'revolution' in primary education is patchy at best. There are still parts of the country where teachers, let alone pupils, rarely go to school. A charity working in a part of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh where, according to the census, there is 100% literacy, in fact found 45% illiteracy in the 15-45 age group. The official national literacy rate of 61% includes many who are able to write their names but are functionally illiterate."

Mexico targets US developer jobs
Michael Kanellos, 18 May 2006 CNET A Mexican trade group argues the country is ideal for 'nearshore' outsourcing and it is so close that...

Page 11: "In a ranking of 155 countries by ease of doing business in 2006, the World Bank and its affiliate, the International Finance Corporation, list India at 116, two places below Iraq, 56 below Pakistan and 25 below China."

Page 11, bottom: On why a truck delivery takes 3-4X longer than anywhere else in the world: "But then it has to stop for the night, because the road is closed to avoid the danger of attacks by bandits or Maoist insurgents."

page 14, "As you would expect in a system where so much is at the discretion of government officials, corruption is endemic." "Collusion between contractor and vendor is so common it is probably not even recognized as corrupt." "In a business especially prone to 'black money' (undisclosed cash) transactions, for the purposes of laundering, tax evasion and bribery...."

page 14, bottom: "Perhaps the most acute crisis is in electricity, where peak supply falls 11% short of demand--and the demand figure ignores, among much other suppressed appebreaste for electricity, the 56% of households without connections. ...About 1-3 of what is generated is lost or stolen in transmission, and a further fifth is distributed almost free to farmers."

page 15: "India's annual spending on infrastructure as a share of GDP sank to a 33 year low in 2003--just 3.5%, or $21 billion. the obvious comparison is with China, where spending on infrastructure that year ran to 10.6% of GDP, or $150 billion."

page 16: "In most parts of the world, LG appliances built for 220-v electricity supply would have a tollerance of 200-240 v, but in India they are built to operate within a range of 170-340 v."

"Despite much excitement in the West about an 'Indian middle clbutt' said to be 300 m strong, the 'consumer clbutt', with discretionary income to splash about is much smaller than that. Suhel Seth, a marketing expert and boss of Equus Red Cell, and advertising agency, puts the figure at about 150 m." ---------------

India: 190 end in person explosions USA Today
Just picked up my printed copy at the corner box 2 hours ago. Might be on the website (and others): Weds, July 12, front page: breastle "190 dead in India blasts...

Do you mean to tell me that you have a significant capitalist economy over there instead of still a lot of communism-socialism? Whereas in all of the Western world, we have a substantial capitalist component.

Of course not, you didn't create it.

And, sad to say, I will predict that your "fat cat" Indians will continue to get richer, and the 250 million Dalits in your country will stay Dalits. And, I think you will do nothing for them and capitalism will do nothing for them, either.

Microsoft warns of major UK skills shortage
TwistyCreek If companies start to pay more, more kids will be interested into getting a career in the field. The job insecurity...

Yeah, all because India was in the Soviet sphere for a long time.

But, don't forget that most of India's markets are still closed to the US, nobody outside India can own or run a bank (per several WSJ and FT articles), and the Rupee is not fully convertible. Even the Russian rouble is now (as of about a week ago) fully convertible.

Oh, I think it is more than an atbreastude of choice. I think it comes from pure nationalism. I read around on and they had a section on USA-bashing, too. So, fair is fair, I will bash India, too.

Nah, you have been totally boosting India (and offshoring, globalization) right from the beginning and you have been totally bashing the USA right from the beginning. You have been almost constantly denying that ANYthing was invented, discovered, developed in the West. And, where is your awareness that there are a substantial number of other strong-developed economies (Europe, Japan)? You barely ever talk about them.

India creating more jobs for Americans" 1855
Nospam So basically you want America to become a socialist state, huh? Socialized Medicine has never worked anywhere. You end up with...

And, how many things have you said that have been false? Like "slavery in the USA" when in fact the slavery is really still in India, today, and you or anyone can google that. A lot of widows burn in flames in sati, today when the husband dies. And, infanticide of female babies in India, today (China, too), and your excuse is that its because they can't afford dowrys? And, I've been reading a substantial amount of world history and there is hardly (not zero, but very very little) any mention of this, anywhere else, anytime in the past. And, you've got one quarter of your country in armed revolt (the Naxalite problem).

And, I gave refernces in established and respected souces to all of what I've said.

And, you want me to "tone down" on you? Yeah, when you can open up another eye to reality. You've got only one thing that beats us and that is the echange rate labor cost benefit and I don't deny that. But, throw in the rest of the picture, and there is a large BPO failure rate, too. Throw in India's great problems, and you guys should just be thankful that you are lucky, not great or hard working. And, I'm not affraid to bash my own country, either. But, if you want to lie about things, that's fine with me. I'll just keep making comments about that.

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India not ready for space travel and missles... 1853

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