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India's tech edge lures Wharton Fellows

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Syntel to invest $20 million towards expansion in India
Syntel to invest $20 m for India expansion Syntel India has opened up its second center in Chennai and would be opening a new facility near Chennai soon. Tuesday...

India's tech edge lures Wharton Fellows CANDICE ZACHARIAHS


MUMBAI: India's technological credentials have made it a magnet for visitors from overseas wanting an insight into the workings of what is becoming the back-office and research laboratory of the world.

Till now, much of the interest from Debt Management insbreastutes overseas was reserved for students and academics. But, come March and the Wharton School, one of the world's premier business schools, will bring a number of its Wharton Fellows to Mumbai and Bangalore for a 4-day exploration of the market and sourcing opportunities that India presents.

The Wharton Fellows is a 220-strong network of senior executives, Wharton faculty and leading experts, representing a diverse range of industries, countries and business ties.

Formed in '00, to respond to the e-business boom, the network works to understand and frame strategies around the opportunities opening up in areas like technology, emerging markets, mergers and acquisitions, and the like.

"Over the last decade, India has become a best practices laboratory for emerging markets in areas like auto ancillary, services and quality," said Shyam Viswanathan, buttociate dean of the Centre for Executive Education at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

The 40 Wharton Fellows will get a chance to understand the culture, politics, infrastructure, Consumer Debt trends, corporate innovations and capital market as applicable to India and relevant to other emerging markets, he said. The Wharton Fellows Programme to India is being organised together with ISB.

The India visit, said Peter Degnan, ED of Wharton Executive Education, will focus on two areas - market opportunities available in India and the outsourcing phenomenon.

"The Wharton faculty will be there to help frame the discussion: 'What do I take from this and how do I apply it?' both in the context of India and across the global value chain," said Neil Neveras, director, Wharton Executive Education.

Bell goes off on India fever
indiaBPOking Speaking of India fever reminds me of this beautiful, naive 18-yo Indian girl I dated for a few weeks...

The Wharton Fellows will meet industry leaders like KV Kamath, Gurcharan Das and Kiran Karnik and interact with companies like Tata Motors, Hindustan Lever, Infosys and Biocon. There will be a session with Harsh Goenka on investing in Indian art.

"We are seeing interest (in India) across all our different programmes," said Mr Degnan. "There are lots of lessons to learn. India has become an important issue and very valuable to our efforts."

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Syntel to invest $20 million towards expansion in India

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