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Indian Education: Actually Terrible !!! 1774


No -I want it to appreciate so that purchasing power in India will increase. We won't be losing business for some segments because some people work higher up the value chain. If one can compete with americans on an H1B visa where the american cost of living does apply -then it should be possible to retain one's job even after the rupee appreciates to the fullest extent.

No -there is no national mandate to devalue the rupee. There has always been a mandate to improve std of living, purchasing power etc, in India -not the other way round. The ones who want the Rupee devalued vs the USD are people within your own country aka backers of the strong dollar policy insbreastuted by YOUR govt.

we are -but it forms a small percentage of our country's GDP. USD and other currencies do not mean much. As I told you many times before, money or currency is not the same as wealth. What we buy with the earnings aka USD-other currencies is what amounts to real wealth. There is no better way to keep money to yourself than to stop buying services from India. If the US stops buying goods and services, then the whole pt behind inflating the USD will be lost.

not relevant.

it won't -if its mostly higher up the value chain. .

thats coz you didn't type the entire link. look on the 2nd page of and you will find a link to India's consumption.

it is 100% legal to buy and import gold into India. Your 2nd pt is not relevant.

Indian Education: Actually Terrible !!! 1775
On Mon, 31 Jul 2006, Kamal R. Prasad Makes no sense since it is an economic fact...

No -Indians love gold just for the heck of it. Its not without reason that John Maynard Keynes referred to it as the barbaric relic or why Columbus set sail in search of Indian gold.

no -because you and your peeing matches bore me.

I believe hispanics are more than willing to pay taxes. Regardless, if you do not want them in your country -just take away the thing that benefits you most -their employment. Don't give me or anyone lame excuses that the govt cannot locate them. The govt sure can -it just doesn't want them to stop working for the benefit of american businesses and consumers.

it doesn't. I told you the statute gives 100% rights to all individuals in the country. No exceptions apply. Any violation is an offence which is supposed to invite prosecution -but may not because vested interests subvert the law.

so the notion of things aka natural resources belonging to you doesn't hold true. There is nothing that belongs to the master race by way of divine right -as advocated by minute men or anything else.

No -I do not want anything from you. Im saying that you are under no obligation to issue work permits or provide employment to foreigners. If you feel like doing so, and refuse to provide them equal rights after bringing them on board -then it indicates a desire to exploit them.

Its highly relevant for good-for-nothings who want a free ride based on their citizenship or racial features. I want all rednecks to know that the people they look down upon -either for being poor or for being dark or anything else, have descended from the same set of biological parents as they have. There is scientific evidence to confirm the same.

Indian Education: Actually Terrible !!! 1777
alexy why doesn't text of legislation enacted by the US govt find its way into the statute-consbreastution? in india -it...
Indian Education: Actually Terrible !!! 1780
alexy well -eventually those projections (which anyone can come up with) will have to be sunstantiated by growth in profits. I...

Look again at what the law states in India and tell me if that is still the case. Baloney will not invite a reply from me.

regards -kamal

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Indian Education: Actually Terrible !!! 1775

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Indian Education: Actually Terrible !!! 1773