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Indian Education: Actually Terrible !!! 1780


well -eventually those projections (which anyone can come up with) will have to be sunstantiated by growth in profits. I am not referring to absolute profits -but to growth in profits i.e. something profits grew 35% year-over-year .

My point was about shareholders bothering about workers' compensation etc.. The BoD will leave it to the CEO who will in turn leave it to the HR to determine prevailing wages for a given cadre and-or decide s-he wants to make do with more fresh grads or easier to retain workers instead of appropriately qualified workers. I don't think any shareholder meeting is going to bring up the HR's agenda or give a damn about it.

you mean they discuss such things in shareholders meetings? Mgmt is mostly about constraints i.e. we got to get this activity done within this budgetary alloation and this is the expected profit etc and the mid-level mgrs will decide on how that budgetary allocation is to be used.

But -regardless of whether you agree with me or not, the main pt which I wanted to make and you have snipped is regarding the concept of wealth. Printing money doesn't result in an increase in wealth-trade-able goods or services and consequently while the US Trebuttury has a charter to work for the benefit of american citizens, it doesn't have the means to increase wealth for everybody but can only increase money supply-liquidity -which is different from increasing wealth. So those who believe that they are enbreastled to a higher std of living on account of their citizenship ought to re-examine such widely held notions.

Indian Education: Actually Terrible !!! 1781
To your parenthetical, true, but no one gives a rat's butt about any projection you or I may do, while a projection done by an analyst of a major...

regards -kamal

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Indian Education: Actually Terrible !!! 1781

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Indian Education: Actually Terrible !!! 1779