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Indian Workforce Skill Levels: Low and Limited

Financial Times, Thurs, July 20, page 9.

breastle: "Up to the job? How India and China risk being stifled by a skills squeeze" authors: Jo johnson and Richard McGregor


First paragraph:

"When Ishmael Chawla advertises for software developers in New Delhi, he braces himself for rejection. 'More than half our candidates don't show up for a scheduled interview,' says Mr. Chawla, 33, who manages the Indian operations of Live-Career, a San Francisco-based provider of online career counseling. 'Even then we probably have one qualified person for every 20 we interview--and by qualified, I essentially mean 'trainable'"

Approximately one third of the article says nearly the same thing about China. They are getting caught, too, in a lack of qualified candidates for jobs, too. Most of the article talks about examples.

"While 3m million students graduate from Indian universities each year...only about 25 per cent of engineering graduates and 10-15 per cent of general college graduates are considered suitable for direct employment in the offshore information technology and BPO industries according to a NbuttCOM study." "The lobby group has warned that the Indian IT sector faces a shortfall of 500,000 professionals by 2010...."

"With the industry as a whole struggling with annual employee turnover rates approaching 40 per cent, wage inflation is rising." The article quoted "13.5 per cent last year" and expects it to become 20 per cent this year. The article goes on to quote Infosys as boosting pay by "12.5 per cent" to hold back turnoever.

Indian Education: Actually Terrible !!! 1764
anon Analysts dislike all input costs. The market applauds growth in revenue-profits regardless of how a company achieves it. Some...

More BPO failure cited:

"Last month, Apple Computer and Powergen, the UK utility, announced the closure of their Indian support activities. More closures are likely to follow as opportunities for labor cost arbitrage become ever more scarce."

Indian Education: Actually Terrible !!! 1763
Whelll.... now the truth comes out. That was enlightening... sort of looks like US business is looking to hire the cheapest idiot...

"Even in a traditional business like construction, the squeeze is on, as a result of debt-fuelled housing boom and breakneck development of mall complexes. Large building companies report chronic shortages of send foremen and supervisors."

"'Skills shortages are not just starting to pinch--they're biting in a mbuttive way,' says Kanwarjit Chawla, chairman of the New Delhi-based Chawla Techno Construct. Struggling to serve its clients, the group decided to offer all its send foremen and supervisors a 60 per cent pay rise to retain their services."

The rest of the articles gives still further examples and quotes both Indians and Chinese.

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Indian Education: Actually Terrible !!! 1763

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Indian Education: Actually Terrible