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Indians are being abused by their callers 4453

Welcome to the world of Customer Service! Sounds like these call-center employees need to find jobs that won't harm their delicate sensibilities. It's just too bad that Mumbai is getting rid of good-paying jobs by closing down ladies' clubs. Wherever will these upstanding citizens find work?

Indians are being abused by their callers 4454
closing I did that work for 4 years. It was a lot of fun, I have hilarious war stories of calls with irate customers. Everybody who had an MCSE...

The Vilasrao government in Maharashtra seems to be singing different morality tunes in the same breath.

Kudos to the French
French Say 'Non' To European Consbreastution Vote May Kill Third Term For Chirac POSTED: 4:52 pm EDT May 29, 2005 UPDATED: 8:10 am EDT May 30, 2005 PARIS -- In...

While on the one hand, it has announced the closure of all dance bars in the state, Mumbai has been spared, at least for now.

But what seems really ludicrous are the reasons given for the incomprehensible move.

According to Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil, 'Dance bars are having an adverse effect on the youth and are damaging the state's cultural texture'.

He also maintains that due to sufficient police staff, Mumbai bars "adhere" to the rules, while the norms are flouted elsewhere in the state.


The "rules", as issued in July 2004 specify that the dancers should perform only to clbuttical and recorded music and the dance floor be at least 120 feet in size. The bar owners also need to have an NOC for operating these bars.

Mumbai has approximately 1500 dance bars which contribute Rs 1500 crore to the state exchequer and employ nearly 50,000 girls.

It is hard to believe that these regulations have been implemented by all the bars in the city.

In fact a very worried state government, in a face saving gesture, is now trying to hard sell a committee that will specifically look at bars operating in Mumbai.

But the truth is that the late night business is booming in the heart of the state, and it is here that the problem needs to be addressed. The government cannot conveniently play cultural police in one part of the state and not in the other.

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Indians are being abused by their callers 4454

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Indians are being abused by their callers