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Still More Snot chapter 2....The Snot Report..... 538

On Wed, 9 Mar 2005, Mark H

In 5-10 years, maybe 15, its going to be a very weird world. Bigger gap between "middle clbutt" and poverty, you'll either be 'in' the computer (the Matrix?) database (and you'll never know what they 'have' on you, whether it will be true or not) or you'll be part of the new underclbutt (including homeless). You'll be less worried about sudden heart attack as idenbreasty theft and other computer-related problems-crime-incompetance (vulnerabilities, viruses, hacking are all still going up more than down) that will be beyond your control. The scifi movies Gattaca, Max Headroom, Brave New World, 1984, Enemy of the State, and the likes will give you glimpses of what you're up against. I have a small essay on my website about alternative careers if you want to look. I'm out of science (involuntarily) because of forces described on that website:

What will be the USA reaction if communist China attacks Taiwan 539
After two world wars and the resources and buttets of the world's nations employed in mutual destruction, President Dubya's Administration of Neo-conservatism has decided to adhere to the...

One of the growing businesses is tatoo and body-piercing shops. Its self mutiliation as far as I'm concerned, but if you want a job there, then you'd better "get with the program" and be top metal-Borg.

Everyone "looks the other way" the same way.

New mantra in the 21st Century: Clbutt discrimination is OK.

And, getting actual work done, competantly, is an alien idea.

It's ironic that

Its all part of "big business" these days. Look at Enron-Andersen, and its still going on.

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What will be the USA reaction if communist China attacks Taiwan 539

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esp. for Alex...was: Still More Snot chapter 2....The Snot Report..... 537