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The End Of Pensions 56

Jeff Dege You misunderstand, this guy does nothing but advise us, the pensions are ours, each person chooses his or her own portfolio from a pool of investments offered by our pension provider.

The End Of Pensions 57
There arer probably five or six "liberal friends" (which are no real freind to real liberals) in the entire congress. Yet somehow you still manage to blame them...

Now the a week or two ago, he contacted us with this concern, so we set up a meeting. He came along with his facts and figures and proved that the US investments available from the pension provider we use were performing significantly lower than other available investments.

Now, not everyone in the company had US investments as part of their portfolios, and those that did typically had less than a third of their portfolio relying on US investments.

However, in my case, with just 25% of my investments based on US companies, and buttuming no significant change for the next two years, My eventual pension fund would be 10,000 lighter.

Obviously, this is just a projection, the situation could change, in fact it's guaranteed to change many times in the 25 years before I retire (if they don't go and raise the retirement age before then), but I can always switch my investments around again as there is no penalty for doing so with the pension provider we use.

So, you'll have to forgive me if I take the advice of a professional, with figures to back him up, over some guy on Usenet.

You must have a strange way of dealing with pensions over there.

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The End Of Pensions 57

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