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Three out of Four Voters Oppose CAFTA

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March 8th, 2005 -- Issue 5 -- House will take up CAFTA

The Good: Poll Shows Americans Oppose CAFTA

"Would you favor or oppose CAFTA if it reduces prices you pay as a Consumer Debt but eliminates jobs for U.S. workers?" A whopping 74% of voters polled said they would oppose the agreement; 17% were in support. The survey also found that 51% oppose the CAFTA trade agreement altogether and only 32% supports it. Anti-CAFTA sentiment crosses party lines, with Republicans (47 to 37 percent) joining Democrats (53 to 31 percent) and Independents (53 to 32 percent) in opposition to the agreement. Overall opposition to CAFTA is stronger in red states (53 to 31 percent) than in blue states (48 to 34 percent). More polling results at

The Bad: GOP supporters say House will take up CAFTA

India's new global image
BY MEHUL SRIVASTAVA Cox News Service BANGALORE, India - The caller, in a slow, southern drawl...

The GOP "point man" on CAFTA, Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) told a Washington D.C. forum that "we will have the votes in the House". Other House Republicans say it is "too early" to talk vote counts since many members are still sitting on the fence. Brady predicted the vote "within the next two to three months," saying they will need the votes of 20 to 25 Democrats to approve the agreement, Washington Trade Daily reports (3-4).

The Ugly 435 jobs at Lands' End cut

Cross Plains Village President Richard Anderson said rumors of the closing have been circulating for six months. "Some sort of downsizing seemed imminent when Sears bought them and the pending merger with Kmart," he said. Anderson said he was also told by a Lands' End executive that the call center jobs were being outsourced, a charge that company officials denied today. "If they are moving these jobs overseas that's pretty disturbing to me," Anderson said. If true, it's even more devastating for a company that boasts on its website: "It can still be done in America today".

Education outsourcing wave set to hit India
Moumita Bakshi Bharat Kumar New Delhi-Chennai , March 7 Send manpower in India is a major attraction for foreign entrepreneurs to set up operations here. Now, Indian entrepreneurs are...

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India's new global image

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Indian IT yet to tap UK