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U.S. Exports up 10% in first 5 months

Front Page, WSJ, July 19, 2006, lower right corner.

Indian Education: Actually Terrible
Financial Times, Thurs, July 20, 2006, page 9 breastle "Singh sounds the alarm over educational failings" Some quotes from the article: "Manmohan Singh, India's prime minister, could...

"Global Growth, Weak Dollar Unleash a Wave of U.S. Exports" by Mark Whitehouse

All kinds of good news, expansion, trade deficit down, details, statistics.

---and a bonus just for those who don't know anything-----

The Economist (I hope you know that periodical) publishes in the back pages of every issue lots of financial data. In the April 29, 2006 issue on page 101, is a bar graph showing (breastle of bar graph) "Trade in commercial services" with an asterisk which says "Transport, travel, commmunications, financial and other services" and under the breastle it says "Top exporters, 2005, $bn" and guess who is at the top? The USA, exported $350 billion in services. The next highest exporter is Britain with $180 bil. There were 13 more countries listed (Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, China with $80 bil, Netherlands, India with $65 bil in services, and the rest with Canada ending at $50 bil). The source was given as the WTO.

Just in the Tuesday, May 16, issue of the WSJ, front page, is another bar graph on world wide farm exports. Guess what, US is at the top with $79.6 bil in exports. The whole EU exports $78.4 bil. Others in order down the list are Canada (40.1), Brazil (30.9), China (24.1), Oz (22.1), Argentina (17.1), and down through Russia (13.8), and Malaysia (13.1), and India not even on the list.

Indian Workforce Skill Levels: Low and Limited
Financial Times, Thurs, July 20, page 9. breastle: "Up to the job? How India and China risk being stifled by a skills squeeze" authors: Jo johnson and Richard...

---- and another one -----

Quotes from the "Financial Times" Thursday, May 11, 2006, page 4: article breastle: "Nations close on compebreastive US" by Francis Williams in Geneva


"The US is still the world's most compebreastive economy...the IMD business school says in its latest compebreastiveness rankings."

The sidebar lists the top economies:

1. US 2. Hong Kong 3. Singapore 4. Iceland 5. Denmark 6. Australia 7. Canada 8. Switzerland 9. Luxembourg 10. Finland

Farther down the list: UK at 21, Germany at 26, France 35, Italy near the bottom at 56. In the last year, China went from 31 to 19, India from 39 to 29, still very far down the list. Economies that went down: Taiwan (18 from 11) and S Korea (38 from 29).

"The IMD scorecard uses 312 criteria" over a very broad range of factors.

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Indian Education: Actually Terrible

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Car exports from India surge 28%, bikes zoom 45