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We had great news today. 2938

Just chickeny

you sir are a fascist, and a idiot, and most likely a libertarian, which are the enablers of fascism, and are the most dangerous deranged humans on the planet because you are not a complete human being and you are a,

liar, our system is what we want it to be. there is nothing, repeat nothing in our consbreastution that says what you say. in fact it says the opposite. we have the right to regulate every thing including trade. in fact our governments job is collect duties on imported goods and services. liar, our consbreastution prohibits our government from entering into agreements that over turn our sovereignty, and our governments obligations to ensure our prosperity.

free marketeers(conservatives-libertarians-neo-liberals)have declared victory, the American worker now is forced to go deeply into Debt Consolidation at a reduced standard of living to borrow money that used to be ours to buy the goods and services that we used to make.

buggy whips are a sunset industry, but the modern conservative-libertarian-neo-liberal have conned us into thinking food, clothing, transportation, telecommunications, t.v., radios, the everyday goods and services we use are sunset industries, so why are we letting others create this value for themselves to sell to us? because in the long run part time no value creating jobs means we will no longer be able to generate the standard of living that will allow us to pay our bills.

the modern conservative-libertarian-neo-liberal have conned americans into thinking they can live way beyond there means, make nothing, and have the world wait at there hands and feet forever.

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the modern conservative-libertarian-neo-liberal have conned americans into subsidizing free trade. we pay for the ports to unload the goods that travel our hiways to market, that eventually end up in the landfills that we have to pay for all of the costs buttociated with these "FREE LOADER GOODS". while the free marketeer pay's nothing to sell them here, while we lose our middle clbutt society because of them.

We had great news today. 2939
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free trade theories were crafted very poorly before the beginnings of the industrial revolution. moving the means of production was almost impossible. europe was imperial, and just about every european country had some sort of empire putting it somewhat on a equal basis with other european powers. that theory was unsound even for that situation, today its unworkable. lets face it, free market economics is a cult. i can promise you anything. i can say its inevitable. i can tell you once the messiah comes and strikes down all barriers we will all be rich. that's the promise.

the world has been in the grip of con artists, snake oil salesmen, and just plain hucksterism before, this is nothing new, and they all make butturances, and promises of the golden time of human beings. they tell you there will be some pain, but the promises will out weigh the pain. but they have been saying this for over 30 years now, and they are the economists that get almost 100% of the air time, and printed media. there are no good outcomes to this type of economics. we have a 30 year's plus of empirical evidence to show it is not working. the four hammer blows against a just, equitable, democratic, and sovereign society are, 1. privatization 2.deregulation 3. free trade 4. loss of self determination

We had great news today. 2940
The reality is that you need Government help to survive. And need it so much that you...

the modern conservative-libertarian have now learned that the catch phrases 'empathy, remorse, ethics, and morals" resonate with the public, but because they are missing the understanding of these concepts in there personalities they are not a complete whole human being, thus they use these words a lot in there interactions with other humans in there dealings in business, government, and everyday interactions with other humans. but they have a harder and harder time covering up there inadequacies till they can no longer hide what they really are, a incomplete human missing all of the necessary personality traits that make us a whole caring being. instead there personalities are hard wired to stop at nothing to enrich themselves, and accumulate power over others.

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We had great news today. 2939

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We had great news today. 2937