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We had great news today. 2939

We had great news today. 2940
The reality is that you need Government help to survive. And need it so much that you are willing to enslave...

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Fortunately, you are here to elucidate me. Lucky me!

(you cannot, nor will you ever comprehend, you are hard wired insane.)

Right! You people don't want poor Brazilians to get decent jobs and I'm the greedy one.

( you are correct there, you are the greedy one. you want power over others. the brazilians are not going to turn themselves over to the free market any more. they are only doing what the others are doing, stripping idiots of there value creating capabilities, and there equity. they will get out from under your thumb of world government. i do not blame them for what they do, only complete idiots would do what you are doing)

Let me guess, you are either a socialist or a fascist. Which one is it?

( a fascists wish's to force world government on others. what are you?)

TCS nears big BPO deal with Citigroup
B G Shirsat & Rajesh S Kurup in Mumbai March 17, 2006 03:10 IST Tata Consultancy Services is close to finalising an outsourcing deal of around $500-900 million (Rs...

Interesting factoid. One wonders how you'd know such a thing.

( here is that fine hard wired libertarian thinking coming thru . you do realize of course that people who commit crimes do so because they feel they are free to do it. they feel they have the power, and the freedom to get away with it. so how come you do not know that? perhaps you do not understand why they are imprisoned?)

Yeah, and 87% of statistics are all made up.

(check the mental health profession. if you dare to look at what consbreastutes insanity. it might even scare a predator like you.)

Of course!

Just don't forget to take your lithium, man!

( the world is in the grips of a vicious cult run by hard wired smiley faced psychopaths known as libertarians.)

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We had great news today. 2940

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We had great news today. 2938