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We had great news today

We had great news today. 2938
Just chickeny you sir are a fascist, and a idiot, and most likely a libertarian, which are the enablers of fascism, and are the most dangerous deranged humans...

Today there was an announcement in our corporation - great news, there will be less pressure at work - they officially hired a team in Brazil to help us. Debt Management buttured us that this is for our benefit - there will be less pressure and more opportunity for advancement. Meantime we have to teach our new Brazilian friends about our work. So I am pbutting this great news to my representatives, you can write to yours:

We had great news today. 2937
Just chickeny You are absolutely right here ! That's the way it is now. This is why we need to reform our society to change...

Dear Senator,

We had great news today. 2936
On Fri, 17 Mar 2006, Zalek Bloom How nice of them. Did they tell you how much money they are saving? Temporary benefit? Advancement? To...

I just found out that the corporation I am working for hired overseas foreigners to learn my job. I am aware that those people cost the corporation about 20% of my salary. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to guess what will happen after foreigners will be able to perform my job.

Why I am writing to you? Because I want to know for whom my family and I will vote for in the next election. Please write me about what specific actions (if any) you took against outsourcing. Please note - I am not talking about speeches - I want to know your ACTIONS. Just to let you know (if you care) that I personally know 4 unemployed Americans who fit perfectly for positions that foreigners took. What I am expecting from my representative? To pbutt the following laws:


An American voter


PS. Do I believe it will help? Absolutely not. I believe that politicians are smarter than the average voter, but writing a letter makes me feel better.

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We had great news today. 2936

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