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headhunters setting up bad jobs 267

Will American patients find medical treatment overseas
Will American medical procedures soon join the list of outsourced U.S. jobs? It's not as far...

To some extent that is true, in the last few years the jobs offered from headhunters have been terrible, when times were good the jobs were better. Around that time I was getting all my work from personal contacts.

Yes, that is why I say if it is at all possible. Headhunters have made it difficult to get work directly with companies. After all the HR department doesn't have to bother with "recruiting" anymore, they can spend their time on important things like shopping and getting their hair done :) I have been burned applying directly to companies a couple of times. I applied directly to a company, created a personalized cover letter with my resume but it probably got lost in the thousands of resumes that were sent. And forget about calling to follow-up with someone, you get treated as though you have the plague. Then a headhunter called me 2 weeks later about a job at the same place (same job) and I told him I already submitted my resume their directly. His response was a terse, "well tough poo for you I could have got you an interview".

Sounds like an Ernst and Young brochure I was given at a career fair when I was graduating. "You will work hard and you will play hard, you will be part of a team, you will do whatever it takes to get the job done, when their is a company bbq, you will be there, when asked to share your wife with sr. executives you will not waiver" - uhh no thanks.

I have worked for both small and large companies usually I flip-flop back and forth. I must say I enjoy working for smaller companies, you get to do a lot more and have more freedom.

It isn't that Indians, Chinese or whatever are "better" than North Americans or Europeans at developing software. After all how long have we been at this now and we still aren't that good at it. At larger companies I have worked for it is usually all the bullpoo that sinks the project. (Poor specifications, political B.S., trying to build version 5.0 from the get go, overall lack of communication and vision). Outsourcing is cheap labour and these corporate leaders equate that to cheaper software. I also believe they equate software development to buttembly line manufacturing. Building a datawarehouse or inventory Debt Management system is not the same as buttembling calculators.

A brave new world in 911 aftermath
BY WARREN Bbutt THE WORLD IS FLAT: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century. Thomas L. Friedman. Farrar Straus Giroux. 488 pp. $27.50. On a modern-day pbuttage to India, Thomas L...

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A brave new world in 911 aftermath

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headhunters setting up bad jobs 266