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india will rise. 1887


india will rise. 1888
On Mon, 10 Jul 2006, Kamal R. Prasad Where are illegal aliens required to give an explanation? And there...

No -they aren't. American citizens are 100% free to take up jobs, or stay as they are in their country without owing an explanation to their employer. You don't even need to take up a job to be in legal status. You can buy a farmland and start farming or do anything and everything you like. Work permit holders and illegals have their status tied to the employer's discretion. Ask any H1B or illegal who hasn't read this and doesn't know me -he will attest to that being the case.

Canadian lawyers quietly begin to outsource work to India
Janice Tibbetts, CanWest News Service Published: Tuesday, July 04, 2006 OTTAWA - Canadian lawyers are quietly starting to outsource legal work to India, where they can pay substantially less per hour...

You don't want to be inconvenienced by the presence of slaves -either because it results in over-crowding-straining of civic infrastructure or because you don't like their skin colour or some other zenophobic mentality. That is understandable and not something I would debate. As to whether slavery elevates your std of living, in some cases it does not - depending on how low down the food chain you are (the lower you are, the less it benefits). If you rise to a level where you market services of enslaved labour an employer or a manager then you will definately benefit from it in terms of a higher std of living. If you rise to something less than that, like a well-paid employee in a large company, then you do benefit from enslaved labour -more so if your employer has compebreastion from 3rd world countries. Both your employer and his compebreastor will be competing on price terms -but since your employer pays you many times a 3rd world worker, he has to compensate that higher input cost by hiring enslaved labour that works harder for less pay. So, the more the enslaved labour in a company -the higher the productivity and greater the payoff for office-bearers executives-sr engrs etc. , the shareholders and also potentially to the customer in terms of lower prices. If your employer prefers to fire all of his american staff and hire enslaved labour only, that is a case of not distributing the benefits of slavery to the citizenry. If you want to end slavery, then you will be able to keep jobs in the USA to yourselves -but you will also have to do the dirty work yourself i.e. accept wages compebreastive with the 3rd world for the simple reason that your productivity isn't many times that of a worker in a 3rd world country.

regards -kamal

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india will rise. 1888

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india will rise. 1886