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india will rise. 1888

On Mon, 10 Jul 2006, Kamal R. Prasad

india will rise. 1889
On Sun, 9 Jul 2006, Tambi Dude Just a response to the same crap I see again and again. And, just like the pro-India propaganda is just that...

Where are illegal aliens required to give an explanation? And there are a lot of them here.

There are lots of unemployed aliens in the USA, and some are freeloaders and not interested in working here. I have a reference for this.

British IT industry approaching meltdown: report
By Prasun Sonwalkar, Indo-Asian News Service London, July 6 (IANS) Britain's growing dependence on Indian call centres and software experts is directly related...

Anyone can buy real estate in the USA or do anything they want.

Status has nothing to do with buying real estate. All you need is money.

To be legal requires employee sponsorship.

Illegals who can't speak-read-or converse in english are at a disadvantage and can be exploited but they are not slaves. Illegals who can speak-read-etc can just quit and find work with anyone who will hire them. I'll also tell you that it is a fact that our IRS will not bother an employer as long as the employer pays taxes & SS on that employee.

Microsoft flip-flops on ODF support Sponsorship of open source project seen as a way to salvage government business By Tom Sanders in California Friday, July...

Ask any H1B or illegal who hasn't read this

I have heard of people coming into the USA on a visa and then just become illegal. Lots of Asians working in Chinese restarants, for example.

To Kamal, it is permissible to mis-use the word "slave" in virtually all manner of economic situations where the individual has no money and is absolutely dependent on an employer or being exploited. All you folks out there with no money in the bank're vulnerable to being exploited, but you're free to go anywhere otherwise. You don't have chains on your legs or arms, you're not behind bars.

That is understandable and not something I would debate.

Well, this is a pretty good statement. Basically anywhere in the world, there are a few rich people and more and more poor people.

Kinda like the caste system in India. The Dalits (the "untouchables") who are not even part of the caste system...have to eat dust to live. Everyone higher up gets to kick the Dalits. And, there are 250 million of them. You can find this by googling on "Dalits."

The food chain has always favored those at the top, disfavored those at the bottom.

Both your

According to Kamal, all "enslaved labor" works harder than anyone else.

You all out there can google on "slavery in India" and get lots of hits on the rug factories in India, where its not just slaves, but child slaves.

So, the more the enslaved labour in a company -the

Talk to the rich owners of Indian rug factories.

Canadian lawyers quietly begin to outsource work to India
Janice Tibbetts, CanWest News Service Published: Tuesday, July 04, 2006 OTTAWA - Canadian lawyers are quietly starting to outsource...

Was there ever a time when workers in Indian rug factories were paid money for their work?

If you want to end slavery, then you will

British IT industry approaching meltdown: report
indiaBPOking You got the cause-effect backwards. The outsourcing is pushing the students out of the field. Nobody wants to waste 4..6 years of hardwork study just to find a ballpoint...

But, you, yourself very rarely complain about executives, even Indian executives who, in the big Indian companies, are surely exploiting anyone they can. Including the Dalits who all the higher caste Hindus don't want to give any jobs to or even give an education.

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india will rise. 1889

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india will rise. 1887