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the myth of American supremacy 4466

Reading this forum and listening to the propaganda being spread by some of the "Press Release Cut-and-Pasters", one gets the impression that 'outsourcing' is a brand new way of doing business that no one has ever thought of, or done, before. On the contrary, 'outsourcing' has been done for thousands of years in one form or another on a local basis; and for hundreds of years on an International basis. I have yet to hear how, apart from the tools used, 'outsourcing' in 2005 is any different from off-shore banking of 1980? Or the outsourcing of the manufacture of rum in Bermuda in 1860? Or the first century C.E., when small construction business owners were subcontracted to perform the work of building temples for the Ennii family construction monopoly? Or even the Babylonian contracts complete with surety bonds developed around 1750 B.C.E.? There is nothing new in this, although I look forward someone demonstrating differently.

That would be the definition of "average", statistically speaking.

You are equating "brilliance" with "invention". There are many brilliant people who do not "invent" something new; and even some "average" people who invent crapola. Some brilliant folks use the inventions of others in ingenious ways, do they not?

When a company feels it is safe, it is most vulnerable.

I would like to see the stats on this buttertion. Which IT jobs do you think require "leading edge skills"? Perhaps you could fill in the blanks in your argument? After all, most IT jobs require specific skills in certain areas; how you define "leading edge skills" is the only question here.

the myth of American supremacy 4467
Running a bank does not require IT skills. It requires accounting and Debt Management skills. Running a website requires some...

Again, you make buttertions but provide no facts to back them up. Perhaps you could fill in the blanks in your argument by providing specific facts about which "type of jobs" are "migrating to India"? All I have to bring to this particular portion of the discussion is personal experience in working with over 200 H1B's at various times, working with 11 different India-based outsourcing firms, and working with 5 (and counting) American-based clients who have dumped their outsourcing firms due to dissatisfaction with the progress and end result of projects. Most of the IIT-educated Indians that I have worked with have been excellent at rote memorization.

I "thinks" there is a difference between rote memorization of facts and the ability to convert those facts into fully-functional, well-developed, successful IT projects.

When trying to capture the local market (localisation), it is important to establish a local presence. India has a very large potential market for Google. "...Google is stepping up its marketing presence in the country by strategically developing and executing localisation efforts as new products and teams are launched globally."

the myth of American supremacy
is this a sarcastic message? I am talking about developing banking applications, like mortgage systems, using a relational databases like DB2 or Oracle, with java etc...

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the myth of American supremacy 4467

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the myth of American supremacy