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the myth of American supremacy 4468

the myth of American supremacy
is this a sarcastic message? I am talking about developing banking applications, like mortgage systems, using...

If you are talking about baby-sitting a bunch of servers in an air-conditioned room, then A+ hardware certification level IT experience is about what you'd need. If you're talking about running the actual IT division, then Debt Management skill and experience is far more important to a CIO than IT experience. If you're talking about *developing* software and systems for a bank, you might be surprised at the level of detail involved. Security, SOX, HIPAA, world-wide WAN connectivity, infrastructure planning and maintenance, project management, actual programming and database development-design -- and a dash of marketing to make your ATM screens look pretty. As for Windows "Longhorn" or "Oracle 11 database", are you talking about developing the actual underlying systems, or developing applications and databases using them? If the former, then you're talking about hundreds of people each with specific tasks to perform, and project managers overseeing their development. Nothing complex about writing a few hundred lines of code to do X and a few hundred lines to do Y. The complex part is the project Debt Management - ensuring X and Y work as designed, work together and are delivered on-time.

I have no data on how many "jobs were lost", although I saw a recent estimate that by 2015 upwards of 3.3 million jobs will be relocated to India. It may be that some people who claim "millions of jobs" were lost due to outsourcing are simply spouting rhetoric from websites, as some who claim 'outsourcing is a new business model, etc.' seem to do with rhetoric from big companies via their cut-and-paste Press Release postings.

Right now you are arguing the merits of outsourcing to India on a cost basis; i.e., "We do it cheaper." As previously pointed out, that argument is already starting to slip away... If it was "We can do it 60% cheaper" last year, it might well be "We can do it 50% cheaper" next year. At some point in the future, the "cheaper, cheaper, cheaper" argument doesn't hold; and then what are you left with? Companies that want to outsource to a foreign country out of a sense of global 'civic responsibility' or some other intangible? Unfortunately intangibles don't pay the shareholders a dividend.

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the myth of American supremacy

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