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the myth of American supremacy 4470

Nope, just trying to determine if you were talking about developing a system or maintaining a system.

A lot of that involves commercial trade secrets which they are probably not willing to put in international development until laws are put in place to protect it. After all, if an Indian programmer were working on Windows Longhorn in India, and some of the code was released to the public, what recourse would Microsoft have? As the laws get tighter to protect corporate interests, you will probably see more critical back-end code being developed in your corner of the world.

I just recently saw that estimate, but it's hard to predict the weather tomorrow, much less what's going to happen 5-10 years from today. One thing is certain though, the rising wages in India and the increase in the quality of life for Indians in general will have an impact on amount of outsourcing over time.

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No--outsourcing to India is becoming a pbutting fad. Once American companies figure out that there are other countries with underemployed English speakers, they will send the jobs over there. In about 5...
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Not surprisingly, MNC's are hurting India-centric companies: 'Cognizant's Narayanan says that the dilemma faced by many clients...

I haven't seen any studies on the quality of outsourced work; again, I just have my personal experience to go on. Regardless, the major selling point right now is that an Indian programmer will do the same work as an American programmer for a fraction of the cost. In addition there are several other cost-cutting benefits, including circumventing regulatory authority and taxes of the home country, buttociated with opening up a franchise in India.

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Only time will tell... Again, this is not a value judgment of "Indian" versus "American", but rather the quality of work. Let's not confuse the people with the work. Bill Gates and...

BTW, if you have any published data concerning the quality of outsourced work, I'd love to take a look at it.

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the myth of American supremacy 4471

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the myth of American supremacy