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when south asians brag about being rich

Tim Keating of down

Yep, and the gold is their only stable buttet.

O&M Worldwide to use India as `studio for world
O&M Worldwide to use India as `studio for world' Vinay Kamath Vipin V. Nair Ms Shelly Lazarus, CEO and Chairman...

The dollar is worth less than half it was a year ago. If these Hindustani households had $100,000 in U.S. buttets, they're essentially worth under $50,000 now compared to other currencies. If their home could be sold for $500,000, it's now worth less than $250,000 if they sold and converted the money to rupees or euros.

Some Hindustani thought they could buck this trend by sinking their money into gold, a more stable buttet. But while they were out at a party hosted by a friend, a thief breaks into their home and takes all the gold!

H1Bs, green cards, and any other Hindustani in the USA take note: the USA is extremely dangerous and becoming even more so. As the above poster showed, it's karma because when you took jobs from Americans, that created more jobless Americans, some who turned to a life of crime. The only way to feel safe is to leave the USA now and go back to India!

If you don't leave now, your buttets will continue to depreciate and you'll live in constant fear and anxiety at the increase in crime. Americans know you're rich. Leave the USA now!

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O&M Worldwide to use India as `studio for world

Alt Computer Consultants from Newsgroups/p>

HSBC to outsource 2,000 jobs to India this year