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Ad_Aware SE which setting 296

Dell Cpibooting from internal Zip
Hi everyone! First of all, excuse me for my poor English.I'll try to do my best to explain my problem. I recently bought an...

hello all. i downloaded the above mentioned "malicious software removal tool" patch, but can't find it anywhere on my computer. i've checked the windows security center, programs on c:, sys tray, add-remove programs, and all folders. even opened up windows in c:(which is a bit foreign to me. lot's of stuff in there). so i buttume just like a regular patch it simply adds itself to windows without making a point of it. but then how do i use it if i ever need it? is it just going to pop-up if i'm infected? does it work in the background(certainly not for removal of something bad)? aagh!! nutty stuff. oh , also downloaded the ms anti-spyware program mentioned in other posts, and it would seem to be a very good thing indeed. and i came up-clean as a whistle after a scan. which is what using an alternative to ie will do for you (firefox, in my case). have a good one, everybody : )

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Ad_Aware SE which setting 295