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Adding parts to a Dimension 8200

1) Are you running Windows XP?

2) You'll be looking for PC800 45 or 40ns RDRAM in a matched pair

3) Install the software for the USB 2.0 card before physically installing the card.

4) Regarding removing the Ti 200, you can simply remove it from device manager (deleting it) and it should remove most traces of the NVidia driver. Power down, physically install the new card...(yes your current power supply should be sufficent). Windows will attempt to install drivers for the new card at boot. You can cancel out the 'new hardware found' wizard and then install the software for the new card, noting the path where the software is installed-located. If running WinXP, you can go back into device manager-display adapters-properties and use the "update driver" feature. Point it towards the ATI folder.

I also agree that you should test each upgrade individually for a bit so as not to get crossed up with any potential errors or problems.

Dell Dimension 8200 Random Artifacts & characters on Dell splash screen
Hello Folks, I have a Dell Dimension 8200 desktop with bios revision A09. During boot-up, about a forth of the way from the top of the "Dell Splash Screen", there is a single line...

Good luck and post back....


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