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Another strange filewhat is this

Performance from SATA drive in an Dimension 4500
Hello, What should one anticipate in terms of performance if I added a Promise SATA controller card and a SATA drive in an Dimension 4500? The 4500 doesn't have SATA ports on the motherboard...

virtual dual monitors on a wide screen
I don't know whether there are any current solutions for running two virtual monitors or two virtual desktops side by side...

OK cool, and again... honestly... I wasn't out to jump on you. It was the teaching to fish approach.

When replying I was going to specifically mention the usefullness of performing not only a google web search but a google groups search (GGS). Many don't take advantage of the later. Ultimately I chose not to go into such detail, but for a second I was curious to see what a GGS for say jusched.exe would turn up. So I performed one (I use a custom interface which specifies sort results by date) and the first three results were the threads you started.

If you want even more information... I questioned whether you would have posted three separate messages vs crossposting. The former has the advantage that those who block crossposts will see it, but the later is often more usefull in that it allows everyone to see most or all of the replies and check each other and saves people from posting redundant info. So I checked headers to see which was the case. Which explains the other thing. Yeah, I had-have some free time on my hands ATM. Trying to avoid doing some unpleasant real work that I *should* be doing ;-)

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virtual dual monitors on a wide screen talk from Newsgroups.

Another strange filewhat is this