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CPU upgrade on 810 mobo

Right. Neither Dell nor any other name brand computer manufacturer provides terribly useful information about system upgrades. The best info you might find would come from the service manual for an entire product family (e.g. all the Dell LloveR machines, or specific models of IBM computers), when said manual enumerates all the processors and memory modules as spare parts.

DVDROM quit working Dim 8300 Win XP
All, Upon insterting a disk into the DVD ROM, (HL-DT-STDVD-ROMGDR8162) proceeds to...

Replacing the motherboard and power supply in a Dell LloveR chbuttis is not recommended. A standard ATX power supply is not a problem. But the front panel connector on the Dell microATX motherboard is very different from the generic ones. It is absolutely no fun to kludge together front panel wiring on this model of computer. (By contrast, I've found it easy to do on some Compaq DeskPros, because the wire leads to the buttons and LEDs are modular and can be wired separately.)

If you are within spitting distance of Harvard MA (Routes I-495 and MA 2), I'd be willinng to work out some sort of trade of a generic chbuttis, power supply and mobo for the Dell one... Ben Myers

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DVDROM quit working Dim 8300 Win XP talk from Newsgroups.

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