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Converting mp3s to "regular" CD

I heard that Dell pays (to its big corporate contracts, ie Qualxserv, Banctec, unisys, etc.) $60 a call...
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I run Windows XP Home, SP2, NTFS. I heard on a radio show (Online with David Lawrence) that when parbreastioning drives, the...
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Bruce Yes, that's true. The term is called slack space. Files must be allocated at least 1 cluster, and files cannot share...

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As Old Sailor suggested, Nero can convert MP3's (and most other audio formats) to CD audio tracks (sometimes called .cda or red book audio tracks); Nero is great software with one small down side -- it's not free. However virtually all CD burning software can burn uncompressed WAV files to CDA; to convert MP3's to WAV there is a ton of free software. When using Windows I typically use Winamp to do the conversion (mostly out of habit as Winamp has had this feature for it's called, sorry been a while since I used Windows for anything audio related). It's quite fast on a modern PC (back in 97-98 it use to be in real time, that sucked); anyways once you have the uncompressed WAV you can use pretty much any CD writing software to burn the disk as a red book audio CD that will play in any CD player. As for free burning software, I hear XP offers built in CD authoring capabilities but something tells me it sucks (I used Nero when I used Windows), but this

On a side note, if you have a laptop, MP3 player, or the computer happens to be near the stereo, you can use a Mini-to-RCA Audio 1 and plug the mini into the line out (or headphone) on the PC and the RCA (aka composite) audio into the stereo (or even TV). You can then play the audio on the PC with the software of your choice and listen to it on the stereo (this is basically what I do with my PC, `no need for computer speakers). Depending on your computer & stereo, a better option might be optical out.

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