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Dell Backorders 207

Dell Backorders 208
they may of screwed up your order from the get-go. i wonder if you had to remind them of any order details when you were...

what's going on could be one of dells infamous "lack of' customer service you sometimes read about. they may of simply screwed up or lost your order and are now having to make up for lost time. if they gave you a new shippping date make sure it is in fact shipped on that date by giving the company a call back. and make sure the item is as ordered (specs and add-ons, and what not). or what could be going on is there really is a shortage of the kind of intel chip you ordered. which you did not specify. or dell is short on them. although at this point the shortage question is moot. just make sure now that things have worked out, they stay worked out. plus dell and most shippers are extremely busy this time of year(the busiest time) and this may also play a factor.

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